Total Attraction at Cyprus’s Marinella Bar

November 07, 2002

Martin Professional’s Cypriot distributor, Disco Jockey Suppliers Ltd., has supplied a range of Martin, Mach and Jem gear for one of the holiday island’s most popular nightspots, Marinella Bar.

Located in the town of Ayia Napa, Marinella is one of the busiest bars on the town’s main square. And thanks to the best light show and sound experience in town, Marinella is streaming with clubbers, both local and tourist, who are treated to a Martin Total Club experience.

On the club’s first floor, guests socialize and dance the night away beneath 8 MX-4 scanners hanging from a circular truss, with 8 MiniMAC Wash and 6 MiniMAC Profile moving heads stationed nearby. The MiniMACs and MX-4s provide a barrage of color and effects on the central dance floor while the walls behind the DJ booth and bar are flooded with gobo patterns and color sweeps.  A pair of Jem FX-2 foggers provides the projection canopy and atmospheric effect. Dance rhythms come courtesy a Mach audio system that includes 8 Mach M154i and 4 Mach M182 with 2 Mach TX12F used as monitors in the DJ booth.

At the bar area a pair of QFX 150 FiberSources power fiber optic lined along the upper and lower portions of the bar, adding another lively element to the venue. On the outside façade Exterior 200 color changers add a multi-colored and eye-catching touch to the Marinella Bar signs. 

On the second floor 4 MiniMAC Wash and 6 MX-4 scanners combine with a Mach speaker system to keep patrons hopping on the dance floor with a pair of Jem FX-2 foggers providing the projection canopy. Two LightJockey 2.0 Windows based controllers, one on each floor, control the light system.