Mania EF3 (discontinued)

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The Mania EF3 is a cool and colorful light with awesome dance floor lighting effects suitable for DJs, bands, clubs, events or even your own personal party.


  • 100 W halogen lamp
  • 800 hour lamp included
  • Front surface color coated mirrors on reflector dish giving 18 brilliant beams of light
  • Manual focus
  • Auto or Music triggered
  • Continuous operation - no cool down time needed
  • 8 gobos (2 x textured glass)
  • All major safety approvals CE, ETL and CETL
  • Rigorously tested for total reliability



  Version Language Size Uploaded
en version A, updated: May 11, 2018
en  35 KB May 11, 2018
User manual
en version A, updated: May 18, 2018
en  696 KB May 18, 2018
EU Declaration of Conformity
es version C, updated: May 11, 2018
es  69.3 KB May 11, 2018
ETL Authorization To Mark
es version A, updated: May 18, 2018
es  171 KB May 18, 2018
Hints And Tips
Electrical safety test equipment
en version B, updated: May 22, 2018
B   en    May 22, 2018

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