Martin Lighting Director (discontinued)

The Martin Lighting Director (MLD) is the world´s best selling 3D tracking system for automated followspot and show control. As the performer moves, so do the lights – automatically.



  • Best Product of the Year by Entertainment Design Magazine
  • Dozens of light beams automatically intersecting on performers
  • Gives new vitality to existing moving light installations
  • Height correction, light anchoring for highly active performers, prediction, 3D zoning and more
  • Illuminates stages where normal followspots do not fit
  • Keeps performers lit at all times even with a small number of fixtures
  • MIDI IN/OUT/THRU support.
  • Saves money on followspot operators and rentals
  • Up to 128 lighting fixtures react to 24 performers simultaneously and automatically.
  • Winner of the Entertainment Technology Award


Filename Version Language Size Uploaded
User manual, getting started 2.0  en  166 KB Jul 31, 1998
Hints And Tips
Bypass Intermediate System When Uploading Software en    May 06, 2001
Using other types of wireless microphones en    Jul 03, 1997
Available Martins
Three New Tracker Frequencies Available en    May 22, 1997

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Martin Lighting Director (discontinued)