Martin One-Key (discontinued)

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Martin One-Key is a future-proof concept in lighting software distribution that eliminates the inconvenience of storing software licenses in DMX hardware. This simple USB dongle can store one or more licenses and protects the software from illegal copies.

  • Single protection for all Martin software
  • Additional license can be added
  • Multi-Vendor solution (MSD)


  Version Language Size Uploaded
Martin One-Key Spec Sheet-English   en  215 KB Jul 09, 2018
Cad Drawings
Vectorworks Symbols 2.5  en  110 MB Mar 27, 2018
M-Series Software 3.70.885    Jun 14, 2018
M-Series Firmware Update Program     369 MB Dec 12, 2017
Martin USB Tools 1.2    107 MB Dec 13, 2017
Service Notes
Compatibility Issues Software Uploader en    Mar 07, 2016
Martin One-Key License request and installation procedure en  1.36 MB Oct 27, 2016
Tech Notes
Martin One-key Online Backup     Dec 13, 2017
Compatibility Issues Software Uploader     Dec 13, 2017
M-Series 06: Cues and cuelists en    Sep 06, 2017
M-Series 06: Cues and cuelists     Dec 13, 2017
Hints And Tips
Martin One-Key online backup en    Feb 23, 2011
Decimal to ArtNet Universe Conversion Table en  78.5 KB May 29, 2017

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Martin One-Key (discontinued)