Exterior 1200 Wash Main CPU v1.2.0

Last Updated: Apr 20

Changes since version 1.1.0:

  • Added Lamp On & Lamp Off Shortcuts. (ENTER+ UP/DOWN) 
  • Added Intensity & CMY shortcut.
  • SCUT menu item included in the personality menu!
  • New DMX values for implementing shortcuts in the Speed channel: 
    246-248 - Tracking Shortcut Off (menu override) 
    249-251 - Tracking Shortcut On (menu override) 
    252-255 - Reserved No change
  • Added PCB voltage in the Fixture Status Menu. This should read around 23-27VDC.
  • Added the possibility to halt updating the status menus when pressing and holding the enter key.
  • Rearranged the positions on the Info Header Line.
  • New build with all IP updates...
  • Moved Real time clock MP2 menu to personality!
  • Bug fix: Lamp Hot while Lamp Off errors occurred, now first appears after lamp on again.
  • Bug fix: Applying reset could result in loosing step, but would have been corrected by the reset itself.

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