Exterior 200 Main CPU v2.0.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Exterior 200 Main CPU v2.4.0. ×

Last Updated: Jul 09

Changes since version 1.1

  • Implements MuM (ver. 0.9.0) compatibility.
  • Timer / light sensor operation changed. When used together, both time AND light conditions must be met. Before, SA operation stopped/started if either time OR light conditions were met.
  • Increased maximum wait time to 12 hours. NOTE: When upgrading to 2.0 from earlier versions, programmed S/A wait times will change. 
  • Checksum test added. If check fails, the fixture enters boot mode and prepares for software upload. 
  • Stand Alone timing is now based on the RTC (Real Time Clock) for more accurate timing. If the clock is not running, the fixture uses system timing instead.
  • If "Stand Alone Enabled" is on, but "Auto Prog On" is off, the Exterior 200 no longer automatically starts SA execution after power up.
  • When fixture is set to synchronized mode (both IR and DMX) it follows the scheme described in the latest manuals (Rev. E).
  • The master sync pulse repeats 10 times and the timing of the sync lockout is improved for increased reliability.
  • Light sensor settle time increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
  • Polarity of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow is reversed in the Adjust menu.
  • Version flashing now includes a beta build digit. When flashing a beta version of major/minor/build, the scheme is as follows:
    * LED1 flashes the major number in red.
    * LED2 flashes the minor number in green.
    * LED2 flashes the build number in red.
    * Both LED´s flash yellow to indicate end of version flashing..
  • All errors are now reported by flashing red at LED1.
  • Additional DMX filtering to eliminate false signals in master/synchronized mode.
  • DMX timeout raised. When no DMX is received within the last second, the fixture returns to stand alone mode.
  • Motor movement optimized to speed up "snap" changes.
  • Lamp relay remains turned off during reset cycle.
  • Fixture no longer enters "dead lock" when resetting while running random colors.
  • Timer and light sensor can now turn off lamp.

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