Exterior 200 Main CPU v2.4.0

Last Updated: Jul 09


  • When upgrading from versions prior to 1.3, the wait time of old programs will change.
  • In case of checksum error, the new bootloader will only accept upload of versions 2.1.0 or newer.


  • This version contains a new bootloader, but the bootloader can only be updated using boot-mode upload.
    The fixture can still run with the older bootloader, however to warn the user that the bootloader is not up to date, the fixture will flash red 6 times on both LED's right after version flashing.
    It is recomended to boot-upload to get the latest bootloader functionality.

Changes since version 2.3.0:

Bootloader changes:

  • From "checksum error mode" the fixture will now accept both DMX and boot-upload of software ranging from 2.1.0 and forward.
  • The bootloader creates 2 instances of the main code, to be able to restore correct code in case of a flash error.

Main code changes:

  • Random colors is now right when programming stand-alone using MP2.
  • Duplex command now checks for right serial number before replying.
  • Swapped function of DMX reset ON/OFF commands from MUM.
  • Increased MUM settings upload speed.
  • Wrong check function introduced in version 2.1.0 corrected.
  • Software perpared for external lamp relay. PL16.2 is turned on (pulled low) along with the onboard relay.
  • Override fixed. If DMX LAMP OFF or DMX RESET is disabled, the fixture can still be turned off/reset, if CMY values are set at 230-232.

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