FiberSource CMY150 Main CPU v1.2

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: FiberSource CMY150 Main CPU v2.3.0. ×

Last Updated: May 22, 2018

  • Fan control added. When lamp has been off for 15 minutes, the lamp fan turns off and the PSU fan slows down.
  • Added "MCOFF" to the MP2 menu. This assigns a lamp-off command to MC-X preset key 7.
  • Added visual channel indication in MP-2 single address mode. GREEN light indicates the START channel, YELLOW light indicates a channel between START and STOP channels, and RED light indicates the STOP channel. No light (dimmer closed) indicates a channel outside the fixture´s channel space.
  • Dmx loader prepared for new processor steps (safer upload)
    - When leaving MP2 mode fixture returns to SA mode if nessecery.
    - When entering MP2 programming mode Lamp on if activated
    - Use DMX mode upload instead of boot mode if checksum error occurs. (Flashing yellow/red LEDs indicates fixture ready for software upload)
  • Corrected function of DMX reset ON/OFF commands. DMX reset is now enabled when ON is selected and disabled when OFF is selected.
  • Fixed bug that caused unpredictable behavior of magenta flag when stepping through SA scenes during programming  and the first run after editing.
  • Random colors now agree with DMX protocol. Before 1.2, when selecting MY you would get CY and when selecting CM you would get MY.
  • Fixed bug in 1.1 and previous versions that caused the fixture not to respond if the stop channel was the last DMX channel sent (typically 512).
  • Fixed a bug in MP-2 single address mode: The fixture "thought" that its address was 2 lower that it actually was.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause LEDs and LAMP ON / LAMP OFF commands not to work.

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