Imager Series Main CPU v2.1.0

Last Updated: Jul 09

Note: When updating from versions prior to ver. 1.5.0, return the Imager to factory default settings via the control menu. This will ensure that stand-alone scenes run correctly.

  • Fixes DMX reception bug that could cause fixture to freeze at startup.
  • Implements MUM support
  • Improved pan/tilt movement
  • Adds SA command to stop gobo rotation (0 = stop)
  • Improves B/O while moving function
  • Improves movement in 8-Bit tracking mode
  • Renames "Indexed Gobo" in MP2 menu to "Gobo Index/Rot".
  • Renames "Rotating Gobo" in MP2 menu to "Gobo Adjustment".
  • Changes the indexed gobo setup in the MP2 menu under SA programming.
  • Modifies pan/tilt vector speed settings. Note: this change may require some reprogramming of existing shows.
  • Fixes bug that could cause a gobo error if resetting with gobo rotation.

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