MX-10 Extreme Main CPU v1.2.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MX-10 Extreme Main CPU v1.7.0. ×

Last Updated: May 22

  • Implements the color wheel shortcut function
  • Implements the random strobe function
  • Implements the automatic lamp-on function
  • Implements the usage counters
  • Improves mirror movement
  • Saves the display settings
  • Fixes a bug that occasionally caused DMX data to be misread
  • Implements support for upload via MP-2
  • Implements support for upload via LightJockey 4064 ISA DMX interface
  • Changes the direction of pan and tilt movement to match specified
  • Changes the DMX Reset and DMX Lamp Off on/off options to match specified
  • Increases the display processor programming speed
  • Corrects bugs that could cause reset errors
  • Corrects a bug that could result in lost DMX address and other settings

Note: All non-default user settings (including a DMX address other than 1) will be lost
when upgrading from version 1.1 build J or below.

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