MX-10 Extreme Main CPU v1.7.0

Last Updated: May 22


  • Optimized Pan/Tilt speed and acc. for the new motor control.
  •  Blackout while moving implemented on both P/T & effects.
  •  Added focus calibration menu, and a default calibration offset menu (dFOF).
  •  Added UTIL-ADJ menu functionality.
  •  Added UTIL-PCBT menu functionality.
  •  Bug Fix: Shutter reset pos corrected.
  •  Bug Fix: Pan/Tilt now runs more smooth in slower fades.
  •  Bug Fix: DMX address can now only be set from 1-500.
  •  Bug Fix: Display wrote "-OK-" when powered on. It now writes "****".
  •  Bug Fix: P/T was stopped when P/T speed set to 245.
  •  Bug Fix: Effects was stopped when effect speed set to 245.
  •  Bug Fix: P/T speed ch. normal/fast mode did nothing.
  •  Bug Fix: Effect speed did not work on dimmer speed.
  •  Bug Fix: Strobe / pulse corrected.
  •  Bug Fix: Indexed gobo could only run 0-360 deg. Now it can run full 0-395 deg.
  •  Bug Fix: MAN-COL menu corrected
  •  Bug Fix: UTIL-UPLD & TSEQ could sometimes show garbage in the display.
  •  Bug Fix: Color wheel stepped scroll color positions mirrored.
  •  Bug Fix: Random Color did not stop CW or CCW.
  •  Bug Fix: DMX override now works.
  •  Bug Fix: Error where no Rnd. colour could be obtained when going direct from Scrolling Colour.
  •  Bug Fix: Focus now moves a little back after reset.
  •  Bug Fix: The prism freeze up if rotated past 52% on its DMX channel. Error Corrected
  •  Bug Fix: The prism randomly fall into position due to the effects of gravity if mounted face down. Error corrected.

    We recommend calibrating focus after uploading of this SW or setting the focus calibration to the default value.
    Setting the default focus calibration value (128) is easiest using the default offset menu (UTIL-dFOF).


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