P3-050/150/300 Recovery Wizard v6.0.0

Last Updated: Nov 23

Version 6.0.0 2023-11-23
Recovers P3-050/150/300 System Controller to Software Version 6.0.0 by reformatting and re-installing the SD card



  • Power off P3-050/150/300 System Controller and remove lid.
  • Eject SD card (located underneath the bottom right of the raised DSP Board on P3-300, located at edge of mainboard on P3-050/150).
  • Insert the SD card into a card reader connected to a computer.
  • If needed, re-format the SD card (FAT32).
  • Download the ZIP file.
  • Extract following files from the ZIP file:
    • dsp_card.fpga
    • stingray_p3_150.fpga
    • reload_fw
    • rootfs.tar.gz
    • uImage
  • Copy the five files above onto the SD card.
  • Re-insert the SD card into the DSP card (P3-300) or mainboard (P3-050/150).
  • Close lid.
  • Power up system.

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