P3-100 / P3-200 Software v3.1.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3-100/200 Software v5.3.2. ×

Last Updated: May 18

New Features:
- Presets can now include fixture position and rotation information
- Presets can be masked to only contain subsets of information
- Layout wizard now also supports creative products such as VC-Grids and VC-Strips
- Flexible fixture placement tool (straight line, snake-pattern, ...) for fixtures such as VC-Dots
- Flexible fixtures such as VC-Dots can now be set to free placement or "snap-to-grid" placement
- Flexible fixtures such as VC-Dots can now be set to not drag following dots along when moving a single dot
- Formatting user-partition to "clean" the machine will now leave fixture personality and firmware files in place
- Rotation controls are now "endless" to facilitate easier mapping
- Fixture Library is now split per family for better overview
- While dragging a fixture out of the library, pressing "r" will now rotate the fixture in 90 degree increments
- Fixture Properties pane at the bottom of the screen can be "pinned down" when not needed
- Fixtures can now be assigned Numbers up to 65535 (was limited to 5000 before)
- Copy/Paste now also accessible via ctrl+c and ctrl+v
- Copy/Paste now takes value of "Next number" field into account for easier handling
- Support for fixtures with fractional pixel pitch

Bug fixes:
- Image quality improvement (sparkling and artifact issues)
- Syncing between multiple P3-200 machines now working (warning message shown when viewport and/or scaling need to be adjusted to make this work)
- Grouped fixtures now snap to each other when "Snap to Fixtures" enabled
- P3 PowerPort at certain Number will no longer prevent fixture with same Number to join
- Selecting a group with highlight enabled will now correctly highlight the entire group
- VC-Dots in snake pattern now correctly get surrounded by group border
- Signal input on P3-200 (DVI and SDI) is no longer offset horizontally by 3 pixels
- Software will now boot up with preset that was active before
- Recalling preset via DMX will now correctly highlight the preset button
- Recalling preset via F-Keys will now correctly highlight the preset button
- Copying fixture or group will now also copy Colour Correction slider settings
- A few fixes to copy/paste behavior
- Dimming by DMX smoother
- Deleting a group of fixtures will now also delete all fixtures inside it
- Video Offset parameters no longer limited to +- 500 pixels
- Fixed crash when adding a specific combination of VC-Strips/Grid on one P3 PowerPort outlet
- Various crashes fixed

Known issues:


Video input can sometimes be unstable (many “error getting frame” messages in log).


Controlling big screen with multiple P3-100 System Controllers may have synchronization issues (all resolutions)

Included Fixture Firmwares:
- LC Series: 2.0.4
- EC-20: 2.0.6
- EC-10: 2.0.18
- PowerPort Series: 1.2.0
- VC-Grid Series: 1.2.0
- VC-Dot Series & VC-Feeder Series: 1.2.2
- VC-Strip Series: 1.2.1

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