P3-100 / P3-200 Software v4.0.3

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3-100/200 Software v5.3.2. ×

Last Updated: May 18

Changes since 3.1.1

New Features & Improvements:

- Video Input View now also shows detected framerate
- Added 1920x1080 @ 25Hz and 1920x1080 @ 30Hz to EDID of P3-200 and P3-300
- First pixel of flexible fixture (such as VC-Dot) can now also be manipulated
- Zoom to 100% button
- Extended zoom in/out range
- Updated fixture and pixel limitations (see seperate document on our webpage)
- Update of user interface look
- VC-Grids, Strips and Dots now output alignment pattern when "Device Num" testpattern is activated (previously they were staying black)
- It is now possible to highlight a single dot on a VC-Dot string
- P3 PowerPort will now be highlighted in the Discovered Devices pane if one of it's connected fixtures is selected
- Strings of VC-Dots can now be "flipped" vertically and horizontally
- Single VC-Dots can be disabled to keep them black when not used in specific physical layout
- Pixel Count and Pixel Spacing of VC-Dot string already on the canvas can now be modified on the fly
- P3 System Controller (showfile) can now be locked with 4-digit password
- "Used Fixtures" indication
- "Active Pixels" indication
- Thermal Throttling function (automatically dim all fixtures or a group of fixtures if one of them gets too hot)
- Copy/Paste of fixture layouts between different showfiles (with re-use of Device Numbers or assignment of new Device Numbers)
- Quick Addressing Tool will ask for double confirmation before renumbering all fixtures
- Canvas size can now be up to 1920x1200 pixels (P3-100/200/300/PC)
- Renumber tool now uses seperate ranges for Panels (1 and up), Creative LED Video Products (60.000 and up) and PowerPorts (65.000 and up)
- EDID Settings moved to Project Options so they are no longer linked to preset-changes

Bug fixes:

- DMX controls above channel 256 working again
- Less cricital on P3 System Controller software file name for upgrade
- Set limit on local GUI DPI to solve issue with some specific KVM trays (text shown extremely small)
- "R" shortcut for rotate stays enabled too long
- Scrollbars and buttons too subtle on some monitors
- Blackout could be bypassed with specific brightness control setting
- Fixed crash in Remote Control View
- Fixed some other crashes
- P3-200 now reports itself as P3-200 on EDID (was reporting itself as P3-100 before)
- Grouping remains active in Quick Addressing mode (fixed)
- Log list in Live View jumps up all the time (fixed)
- Rotated String of VC-Dots have strange xy position behavior (fixed)
- Background image scaler no longer limited to 1000mm
- Snap-to-fixtures less aggressive on small fixtures
- Move Following Pixels on vC-Dots now more strict when disabled
- Moving fixture which is part of a group has no effect (fixed)
- Can't type in "Next number" field while dragging a fixture (fixed)
- VC-Dot offset between Setup View and Video Input View (fixed)
- Video Offset X & Y limited to 500 and -500 (fixed)
- Next number field auto-incrementing too far (fixed)
- Unpin Fixture Properties Pane not working right away (fixed)
- Various minor bugfixes
- Unassociated fixtures not always black in live mode (fixed)
- Fixture groups can be behind others while dragging (fixed)
- Rubberband select does not highlight devices in node tree view (fixed)

Known issues:

- Controlling big screen with multiple P3-100 System Controllers may have synchronization issues (all resolutions)
- Signal input on P3-200 (DVI and SDI) is offset horizontally by 3 pixels (able to compensate via Video Offset parameter)
- Not compatible with VGA monitors (or VGA cables) without valid EDID. Bypass will be added to next release.

Included Fixture Firmwares:

- LC Series: 2.0.4
- EC-20: 3.0.0
- EC-10: 3.0.0
- PowerPort Series: 1.2.1
- VC-Grid Series: 1.4.5
- VC-Dot Series & VC-Feeder Series: 1.2.2
- VC-Strip Series: 1.4.5
- VDO Sceptron Series: 1.4.8

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