P3-100 / P3-200 Software v4.2.2

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: P3-100/200 Software v5.3.2. ×

Last Updated: May 18

New Features & Improvements:

- Support for Kinesys K2 protocol version 0x0001 (K2 and Vector)
- Small improvements to Quick Addressing Tool
- "Shift+R" rotates selected fixture(s) 45 degrees around its center
- Preset Lock Feature

Bug fixes:

- DMX & Motion controls user interface could crash when large number of controls were patched
- Solved various crashes
- Save Copy forgets name if clicking folder
- Issues connecting USB storage and Fixture Adjuster keys at same time
- Gamma Curve not updating when editing multiple curves
- Activating LightAll shortly after reboot of P3 PowerPort 1500 will crash P3 System Controller

Known issues:

- Controlling big screen with multiple P3-100 System Controllers may have synchronization issues (all resolutions)
- Signal input on P3-200 (DVI and SDI) is offset horizontally by 3 pixels (able to compensate via Video Offset parameter)
- SDI input on P3-200 unstable under specific conditions (connecting a random (non-used) DVI source solves this issue)
- S-Video input on P3-100 displaying artifacts under specific conditions


- Please keep using P3 PowerPort firmware 1.2.1 for VC-Grids, VC-Strips and VC-Dots
- Only use P3 PowerPort firmware 2.0.5 for VDO Sceptrons & Exterior PixLines

Included Fixture Firmwares:

- LC Series: 2.0.4
- EC-20: 3.0.0
- EC-10: 3.0.0
- PowerPort Series: 2.0.5
- VC-Grid Series: 1.4.5
- VC-Dot Series & VC-Feeder Series: 1.2.2
- VC-Strip Series: 1.4.5
- VDO Sceptron Series: 2.0.0
- Exterior PixLine Series: 2.0.0

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