smartMAC Main CPU v1.1.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: smartMAC Main CPU v1.7.0. ×

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2020

  • Added the ability to "STOR"," ADD " & "INS " in the get DMX "GDMX" function.
  • Now the display shows the scene number with SA00 to SA99.
  • Bug Fix: The menu could after display auto-sleep time sometimes exit DMX address adjustment menu.
  • Bug Fix: Strobe effect change could sometimes take a while.
  • Bug Fix: Forcing display on will make the service LED blink green, if no error or warning is present.
  • Bug Fix: Tilt error when tilt switch was activated at start of reset.
  • Bug Fix: Power failure during DSFE could result in display blackout.
  • Bug Fix: Power failure during DSFE could result in RCER showing.
  • Bug Fix: Now new speed settings are set immediately after DFSE.
  • Bug Fix: Pan & Tilt movement parameters further downgraded to avoid step loss.
  • Bug Fix: Power increased both for Fast and norm mode
  • Bug Fix: Bug Fix: Exiting INFO-VERS menu after 2 min. would keep showing version dots.

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