smartMAC Main CPU v1.2.0

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: smartMAC Main CPU v1.7.0. ×

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2020


  • Upstart time reduced
  • Keyboard reaction improved. 
  • The display module will now be restarted if communication fails. 
  • UTIL-ADJ-HEAD-TEST menu changed for better module test/adjustment. 
  • SA-RUN=ENA, will now turn the lamp on and enable Auto Lamp On (PERS-ALON=ON) 
  • Bug Fix: A power failure while DFSE is loading will now finish factory reset after start-up. 
  • Bug Fix: Lamp Explosion mode corrected. 
  • Bug Fix: Exiting the menu because of reset e.g. from the CAL menu could result in display locking! 
  • Bug Fix: Colorwheel speed slightly decreased for torque overhead. 
  • Bug Fix: Strobe synchronisation corrected. 
  • Bug Fix: MAN Menu will now stop Pan/Tilt movement while lamp error or hot. 
  • Bug Fix: MAN LON / LOFF menu hang up fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: MAN menu now starts with standard values. Effects open & Focus + pan + tilt in mid pos. 
  • Bug Fix: Lamp Errors now disables SA + Pan/Tilt Feedback & stops the effects from moving. 
  • Bug Fix: Reset while Lamp HOT or LERR now only shows reset txt it does not reset 
  • Bug Fix: Pan Reset speed lowered slightly for not hitting the pan's mechanical stop at reset.


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