32 Hundred Lighting Invests in Martin M1 Console

July 14, 2011

The Martin M1 lighting console has struck a chord with lighting programmers and designers across Australia and the latest hire company to give an M1 console a home is 32 Hundred Lighting in Sydney.

“I used to use a Hog1000 and I found the transition to the M1 relatively simple,” he said. “I like the execute button, faders and the layout of the console; they encourage you to program things with more complexity than you would on a Hog1000, which results in a better looking show.”

The M1 has been designed with a single philosophy in mind – simplicity – and features a clean and easy-to-navigate surface. Its fast dual-core processor ensures a fast and responsive user interface, even if hundreds of playbacks and effects are activated simultaneously.

“The effects engine is fantastic – you have more individual control than on the Hog1000 which only has three channels you could play with. With some effects on the M1, you can run eight separate parameters controlling the effect and it’s really easy to dial up something like pan or tilt.

“The little execute button on the left hand side is great and means you can chain in a series of looks or colors at the tap of a button. They are all time-synchronized as well so if you tap it at rate X it will perform at rate X. When you’re doing live music that’s fantastic because you just hit the button and it’s all in time.”