Athens Hilton Galaxy Bar Alight with Martin smartMACs™!

December 20, 2010

This past October, the renovated Galaxy Bar on the roof of the Hilton Hotel in Athens unveiled its new face. Its refreshed and innovative appearance is based on 35 Martin Professional smartMAC gobo and color-changing moving heads which, recessed in the ceiling, project onto an equivalent number of hanging “drums,” giving an impressive luminous effect of pattern, color and movement.

The smartMACs are controlled via a PC-based Martin LightJockey™ system with the DMX line protected by nine opto-splitters. A Martin Fingers controller is also used to allow hands on access to LightJockey functions.

The smartMAC was chosen for its smooth movement, low power consumption, quality of light and noiseless operation. The smartMAC is a bright 150 W moving head profile luminaire that offers a number of benefits including long service intervals, total silence and reduced power bills thanks to a unique fanless cooling system that avoids forcing dust and pollutants into the fixture. The smartMAC kicks out an impressive show of multiple effects and color as well.

The lighting scenarios at Galaxy Bar run automatically during the day and night. Using Fingers, the lighting looks can be manually bypassed by the lighting operator if he wishes to choose another scenario out of a list of more than sixty combinations. The DMX network design and LightJockey programming were completed by Michael Kontogiannis of PANOU SA, Martin Professional’s distributor in Greece. PANOU also served as the supplier of all of the Martin products at Galaxy Bar.