Canal Walk in Cape Town – MAC 2000s at 30000 hours!

December 12, 2011

The magnificent Canal Walk shopping mall just outside of Cape Town, South Africa, opened in 2001 as the largest shopping mall on the continent. A huge audio-visual installation with a large amount of Martin Professional lighting gear - lighting design from Paul Pamboukian - has been operating ever since.

A central feature of Canal Walk is the Food Court area with entertainment stage and floor space where permanently installed MAC 500s™, MAC 600s™, RoboScan Pro 918™ scanners and MAC 2000 Profiles™ are in constant use.

Brent from Eden Electronics has been on site since day one and has retained a maintenance contract on all the entertainment lighting. Meticulous with maintenance over the years, the majority of the care has been preventive and minimal. The result is that the MAC 2000s have now been in operation for over 30000 hours!

Canal Walk is a real world example of what quality lighting products combined with regular maintenance and quality management can do. Hearty congratulations to Brent for a superb job in Cape Town and here’s to another 30000 hours.