Coloring the Americano Cafè, Rome, Italy

April 28, 2009

At the end of 2008, a small but very trendy bar opened its doors in Rome, the Americano Cafè, owned by Simone Cilea and Davide Guglielmelli.

Featuring prominently in the interior design is a very large white sofa, together with a Martin dynamic lighting system which fills the venue in an ever novel atmosphere. Architects Sara Cimarelli and Giorgio Opolka designed the contemporary space while lighting design was managed by LD Maurizio Macioce.

With wide windows that look out onto the street, the new bar is noticeably visible to the outside world. For this reason, light and color are used to attract the attention of passersby. The concept is a “color box” that can communicate with the outside environment.

Maurizio Macioce explains: “We had the intention to create a totally innovative bar in which light communicates feelings and moods. Moreover, we wanted to use light to personalize the bar in a strong way.”

A mix of Martin color changing lights have been used to enhance the atmosphere - LED, fluorescent and halogen – a range that demonstrates the wide variety of dynamic lighting solutions Martin can offer for commercial installations. Specifically, Macioce chose 6 Alien LED Downlights™, 6 Alien 05 Recessed™ luminaires, 4 x 1200 mm Extubes™, 2 x 300 mm Extubes™, 3 Cyclo 04 DMX Wallwashers™, 2 Alien 05 Stem Mounts™ and 2 Cyclo 04 Wallwashers™. Lighting control is from a Martin 2510 Controller.

The Cyclo 04 DMX luminaires are hidden behind the large sofa, while the Alien LED Downlights disappear into the ceiling. The Extube’s, linear LED luminaires, are placed in the lower and upper portion of the windows while the Cyclo 04 Wallwashers color an interior aisle.

The programming of scenes was quite intense work as the bar is also open from 6 am to 2 pm. Subsequently, Macioce prepared a long list of dynamic scenes that can be recalled by employees working the day shift. “In my opinion, the customer should feel like they’re absorbed in light,” Macioce says. “Customers do not have to recognize the change from one scene to another; they just have to feel that they are in light without really understanding that the color is changing.”

When asked his opinion of the new Martin LED products, Maurizio responded, “I was really surprised by the Alien LED Downlights. They are very simple but incredibly versatile. Their elegant design and the possibility to choose the trim rings make this product very attractive, also for residential use.”

Maurizio adds that the superior reliability of Martin products was the deciding factor in his decision to use them. In fact, in the Americano Cafe, the Martin lights are on practically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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