Las Vegas Hilton Boasts World’s Largest MaxModules™ Control System

December 22, 2010

The historic showroom in the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas boasts a 12 unit Martin MaxModules lighting control system, the largest MaxModules console ever assembled in the world and just the latest in a string of Martin controller installations in Sin City.

The system consists of two MaxModule Cerebrums™, two MaxModule Playbacks™, two MaxModule Buttons™, 1 MaxModule Programmer™, and 5 MaxModule Submasters™, all mounted in a completely customized frame.

The man responsible for integration of the extensive setup is Matthew Paupst, AV Systems Engineer at FBP Systems of Las Vegas. Matthew brought in Hilton lighting director Mark Broedling to program the system.

“The showroom underwent a face lift and needed a new lighting control solution,” Matthew stated. “I’ve used the Maxxyz system for a long time and am familiar with its many benefits, but the modular concept of the MaxModules allowed us to design a console to fit the needs of the venue.”

Busy touring house
The Las Vegas Hilton Showroom once served as Elvis Presley’s favorite performance venue (he once lived in the penthouse suite), and more recently hosted Barry Manilow’s show. Today it is a complete touring house with events and acts coming through nearly daily.

“When you get load in at 9 am and the show is at 8 pm you want as much flexibility as possible in that short time period,” Matthew says. “MaxModules is easy to program and is ideal for a quick turnaround.

“With the Hilton in particular we have a lot of conventionals in the rig so putting in MaxModule Submaster wings helps with live control as most of the time they are running it live. The MaxModules are extremely flexible and the system is fully customizable to whatever we want it to be. Theoretically with the MaxModules, the sky’s the limit. You can expand in different directions rather than just one direction. Word has gotten around and operators and programmers want to come and use this system.”

Adaptable, customizable lighting control system
MaxModules is the world’s first complete lighting controller system based on a series of modules that can be used in hundreds of different combinations. Five innovative modules are available to build a custom console or can be used with Martin’s M1, M-PC™, Maxxyz™ or Maxxyz Compact™.

Anyone can walk into the Hilton showroom and benefit from the system. For ultimate adaptability and control integration, the MaxModules’ DMX Input allows guest LDs to run existing shows off of their own lighting console through the MaxModules system. The software not only allows passing of DMX values but other consoles can remotely access any programmed cues, faders or simply control fixture levels no matter how complex the actual patch in the MaxModule Cerebrum is. Guest consoles can be up and running, controlling a very large DMX system, in a matter of minutes and up to 16 lines of DMX input are possible.

The entire MaxModule system at the Hilton Las Vegas operates via Ethernet, running 22 universes of DMX through a full pathway connectivity system. The MaxModules system was supplied through FBP Systems.

Thirteen Martin MAC 2000 Profile™ fixtures were also part of the Hilton Showroom lighting upgrade, along with other lighting gear.

Martin Equipment:
2 x MaxModule Button™
2 x MaxModule Cerebrum™
2 x MaxModule Playback™
1 x MaxModule Programmer™
5 x MaxModule Submaster™
13 x MAC 2000 Profile™
1 x Jem K1 Hazer™