MAC Aura™ Makes Hong Kong Debut on TVB Anniversary Show

January 19, 2012

Television Broadcasts Limited, TVB, has been delivering excellence in programming with cutting-edge broadcast technology to the people of Hong Kong and other Chinese communities for 44 years. In November, the professional TV studio celebrated its anniversary with a star-studded event that featured the Hong Kong debut of Martin Professional’s award-winning MAC Aura LED wash light.

Prominent TV stars and other performers delivered an impressive night of entertainment made all the more special by the new ‘eye candy’ effects of the MAC Aura that add a distinctive visual element to a show and look great on camera. The Auras worked alongside rows of super-compact Martin MAC 101™ moving heads that were lined on stairs stage right and left.

The attractive aura effect with zoom function, combined with the surprisingly powerful beam and speed of the MAC 101, covered the stage in unique, eye-catching looks. Both LED fixtures are compact and extremely quick, their high intensity, defined beam, and full spectrum color providing the foundation for all-new, top quality lighting designs.

The MAC Aura is the first compact LED moving head wash light with zoom that uses two independent color systems to produce new ‘eye-candy’ effects plus functions as a highly capable single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed color. It was launched at the PLASA trade show in London in September, winning a PLASA Award for Innovation.

In addition to the Auras and 101s, the TVB stage truss featured rich color and pattern from Martin MAC 350 Entour™ LED profiles, MAC 2000 Profiles™ and MAC 600s™. Lighting supply for the TVB anniversary show came from Martin Professional Hong Kong.