Martin Lighting Attraction at West Palm Beach’s Waterfront Commons

April 30, 2010

West Palm Beach, Florida’s newest promotional attraction is the recently renovated Waterfront Commons, a 12.5-acre site with a large open green (Great Lawn), events pavilion, water garden and other sites.

The City of West Palm Beach sought to highlight the Waterfront’s Great Lawn in order to bring more people down to the waterfront and turned to Power & Lighting Systems, Inc. of Lake Worth, Florida to provide some visual excitement.

The original design called for 16 Martin Exterior 600™ wash lights to be installed on poles but the mayor’s office requested fixtures with movement, says Stuart Reiter of Power & Lighting Systems. Instead, 8 MAC III Profile™ moving head units in protection domes were installed on four 38’ poles to cover the Great Lawn in eye-catching graphics.

The MAC III’s are controlled via a Martin MaxModule Cerebrum™ control unit mounted in an equipment rack. The Cerebrum module is a compact yet powerful touch-screen computer, part of Martin’s Maxxyz modular controller concept, which can also be used as a stand-alone unit for control in installations like the Waterfront Commons. The Cerebrum module was programmed by Joe Paradise of Paradise on Tour, Inc.

“The MAC III Profile is the best and brightest fixture on the market and because Martin is located nearby in Sunrise, Florida their proximity made things easy,” Reiter stated. “Everything has held up great since the installation.”

Installed in February 2010, all Martin equipment was supplied by full-service lighting dealer Miami Stagecraft, Inc. with Steve Welsh as project manager and systems designer.

Electrical contractor with complete responsibility for the package contractually, including selection of the project team, was Electrical Consulting Services, Inc. headed by Ken Kettner. “Ken was very hands on and assisted in every way possible to ensure that necessary personnel and equipment were available to assist in the installation,” Reiter concludes.