Martin MAC Luminaires, LED Panels Bathe to the Beat

July 06, 2010

Promoter Fluid Production brought Grammy-nominated DJ David Guetta to the Dubai World Trade Center on April 9th to rock his Middle Eastern fans. His eclectic musical style of combining electro, hip hop and R&B called for a pulsating lighting approach. Martin lighting solutions provided a myriad of colorful effects to match his electrifying music.

David Guetta lighting designer Mikey Harkins designed Guetta’s stage look using Martin MAC 301 Washes, Atomic Colors and an LC Series LED panel backdrop while Frank Schotman used automated spots and MAC 401 Duals for the house lighting. The lighting equipment was supplied by Eclipse and acquired from Martin Middle East.

MAC LED washlights work hard
Martin’s versatile LED moving washlights, capable of producing a wide range of exceptional colors with fast zoom, are a perfect choice to coat a stage in color. Mark Brown of Eclipse concurs by stating, “The reason we chose them is that they are lightweight, small, have a great zoom, and have low power consumption.” Brown reported no issues with the gear.

The MAC 301 is the brightest LED moving head in its class with a powerfully fast zoom and outstanding RGB color mixing. The MAC 401 Dual features fully blended color mixing, individual LED segment control and a linear zoom. Both luminaires have proven quite popular on the touring circuit.

The MAC gear was placed on five finger trusses that covered most of the event center hall with the audience bathed in color. Atomic strobes and other lighting were placed on five truss towers for special effects.

LC Series creates background sensation
Guetta’s show was enhanced by an exhilarating 2140 LC Plus™ LED backdrop, displaying a multitude of graphics and images. Semi-transparent and modular for greater creative possibilities, the LC panels are extremely lightweight and easy to assemble, making them an appealing choice for touring.

Promoter: Fluid Production
Production Manager: Alan Green
Lighting Designer: Mikey Harkins
Video content: Ben Brett, Pilot Vision
Video: Paul Foschi (HOD)
House lighting: Frank Schotman
Technician: Junder Luzon
Lasers: Ross Marshall (HOD), Toby Macknight (operator)
Rigging: Tim Probert (HOD)
Eclipse Project Manager: Arran Hopkins

Lighting Equipment:
40 x Martin 2140 LC Plus™
1 x Martin P3-100 System Controller™
24 x Martin MAC 2000 Wash™
34 x Martin MAC 2000 Profile™
8 x Martin MAC 301 Wash™
6 X Martin MAC 401 Dual™
6 X Martin MAC 600™
6 X Martin MAC 550™
6 X Martin MAC 700 Profile™
12 x Martin Atomic 3000™
12 x Martin Atomic Colors™