Martin spotlights top stands at Italy’s leading IT exhibition Smau 2000

November 15, 2000

Salone Macchine Attrezzature per l´Ufficio otherwise known as Smau (Office Machinery and Equipment Show) was born 37 years ago in an atmosphere of optimism in the midst of an Italian economic boom. It is the premiere information & communications technology exhibition in Italy and has become an international focal point for the latest in IT, software, hardware and Internet technology. With the Italian IT economy booming, Smau has taken on even greater importance.

Martin Italy supplied a host of automated lighting for a number of key exhibitors. Sony company´s large stand incorporated 8 MiniMAC wash lights, 18 MAC 250+, 8 MAC 600s, 12 MAC 500s, 96 MAC 600s and 30 MAC 250s into the booth design. Martin Italy also delivered lighting for the Pioneer stand which incorporated 12 MAC 250s into their design while Net Systems used 4 MAC 300s, 6 MAC 600s and 2 MAC 250s. Martin gear could also be seen at a number of other stands around the show.

The 37th Smau took place at the Piccolo Teatro Studio in Milan with 120,000 square meters of exhibit floor space. The fall event attracted nearly 500,000 visitors in five days. The show was viewed as "a unique occasion on which to reflect on where technology is taking us and how it will change our lives in the coming years."