“The Sing Off” in Tune with Martin Stagebar 2™ and MAC Luminaires

November 29, 2011

For the third season of “The Sing Off,” a popular American television singing competition on NBC that features a cappella groups, lighting designer Allen Branton and production designer John Calkins were looking to create a specialized layer of lighting that would provide mileage and variety as a background element behind the contestants.

See a video here of the products in action.

Chosen for the task was the Martin Professional Stagebar 2 linear LED light, which according to Lighting Director Felix Peralta did not disappoint.

“We created a random array of 93 Stagebar 2's in the upstage position and we absolutely love them,” Peralta comments. “They are extremely bright when we need them to rage and delicate little point sources when we need them to be subtle. Their colors are consistent, and they were rock solid during the entire run.”

The lighting rig also featured an array of Martin MAC luminaires including 22 MAC 101™ wash lights located upstage right and left of the proscenium for effect lighting. The 101s were also used to light some of the scenery.

“The 101s read great on camera,” Peralta says of the super-compact LED wash. “They are fast, reliable, and pack a nice punch.” Elsewhere in the rig were Martin MAC III Performance™, MAC III Profile™, and MAC 700 Wash™ fixtures.

“Allen Branton, myself and the rest of the TriCity family would like to acknowledge Brad Hafer and Atomic Lighting for their strong support,” Peralta says of the Pennsylvania-based lighting vendor, adding, “Their gear is always in excellent condition, and the systems always come out of the box rock solid, giving us more time to create the necessary art!”

Lighting Design: Allen Branton
Lighting Director: Felix Peralta
Lighting Director: Kevin Lawson
Production Designer: John Calkins
Head Gaffer: Darren Langer
Best Boy: Brian Freidin
Lead Tech: Jason Uchita
Atomic Tech: Davey George
Lighting Operations: Liberty Bock
CAD Draftsman: Carlos Colina
Lighting Vendor: Atomic Lighting
Account Management: Brad Hafer
Venue: Sony Pictures Studios

Martin Equipment:
115 x Stagebar 2™
22 x MAC 101™
6 x MAC III Profile™
18 x MAC III Performance™
13 x MAC 700 Wash™