Firmware for below products can be downloaded from the cloud and uploaded into the product using the Martin Companion application available here.

ELP Range

ProductLatest Version
ELP CL1.2.0
ELP WW1.2.0

ERA Range

ProductLatest Version
ERA 300 Profile1.1.0
ERA 400 Performance1.2.0
ERA 600 Performance1.2.0
ERA 800 Performance1.1.0

Exterior Range

ProductLatest Version
Ext. Linear 1200 Cove RGBW1.2.0
Ext. Linear 1200 Graze RGBW1.2.0
Ext. Linear 1210 Cove QUAD1.1.0
Ext. Linear 1210 Graze QUAD1.1.0
Ext. Linear 1220 Cove CTC1.2.0
Ext. Linear 1220 Graze CTC1.2.0
Ext. Linear 300 Cove RGBW1.2.0
Ext. Linear 300 Graze RGBW1.2.0
Ext. Linear 310 Cove QUAD1.1.0
Ext. Linear 310 Graze QUAD1.1.0
Ext. Linear 320 Cove CTC1.2.0
Ext. Linear 320 Graze CTC1.2.0
Exterior 100 IP681.3.0
Exterior 1200 Image Projector1.0.0
Exterior 1200 Wash1.2.0
Exterior 2002.4.0
Exterior 400 Image Projector1.2.0
Exterior 4001.4.0
Exterior 4101.4.0
Exterior 4201.4.0
Exterior 430 Blue1.4.0
Exterior 50 IP681.3.0
Exterior 600 Compact2.1
Exterior Inground 4001.0.0
Exterior Projection 10001.7.0
Exterior Projection 5001.7.0
Exterior Wash 1001.3
Exterior Wash 1101.4
Exterior Wash 1201.3
Exterior Wash 2001.3
Exterior Wash 2101.4
Exterior Wash 2201.3
Exterior Wash 3001.3
Exterior Wash 3101.5
Exterior Wash 3201.4
FiberSource CMY1502.3.0
Inground 2001.3.0
Tripix 12001.5.0
Tripix 300 1st Generation1.5.0
Tripix 300 2nd Generation1.5.0

MAC Range

ProductLatest Version
MAC 101 CLD1.0.0
MAC 101 CT1.0.0
MAC 101 WRM1.0.0
MAC 1011.5.0
MAC 2000 Performance 22.2
MAC 2000 Performance2.2
MAC 2000 Profile 21.7.0
MAC 2000 Profile1.8
MAC 2000 Wash Barndoors1.1.0
MAC 2000 Wash XB1.8
MAC 2000 Wash1.8
MAC 250 Beam1.5.0
MAC 250 Entour1.8.0
MAC 250 Krypton1.8.0
MAC 250 PLUS1.6
MAC 250 Wash1.5.0
MAC 2501.6
MAC 3001.5
MAC 350 Entour1.3.0
MAC 401 Dual RGB Zoom1.4.0
MAC 5002.0
MAC 5502.3.0
MAC 575 Krypton1.1.0
MAC 600 E NT1.3
MAC 6002.4
MAC 700 Profile1.4.0
MAC 700 Wash1.4.0
MAC Allure Profile1.2.0
MAC Allure Wash PC1.2.0
MAC Aura XB1.2.0
MAC Aura1.2.0
MAC Axiom Hybrid1.2.0
MAC Encore Performance1.6.0
MAC Encore Wash1.6.0
MAC III AirFX1.4.0
MAC III Performance1.8.0
MAC III Profile1.8.0
MAC III Wash1.3.0
MAC Quantum Profile1.2.0
MAC Quantum Wash2.2.0
MAC TW11.5.0
MAC Viper AirFX2.3.0B
MAC Viper Performance2.4.0B
MAC Viper Profile2.3.0
MAC Viper Quadray2.3.0B
MAC Viper Wash DX2.3.0B
MAC Viper Wash2.3.0B
MiniMAC Maestro3.7
MiniMAC Profile1.7
MiniMAC Wash1.7

Martin Range

ProductLatest Version
Atomic 3000 LED1.4.0
DMX PowerPort 3751.0.0
Stagebar 21.0.0
Stagebar 542.5.0
Tripix 12001.5.0
Tripix 300 1st Gen1.5.0
Tripix 300 2nd Gen1.5.0
Tripix Wash1.5.0
Wizard Extreme1.4.0

RUSH Range

ProductLatest Version
RUSH CS1200 Graze1.0
RUSH CS1200 Wide1.0
RUSH CS300 Graze1.0
RUSH CS300 Wide1.0
RUSH CS600 Graze1.0
RUSH CS600 Wide1.0
RUSH CS900 Graze1.0
RUSH CS900 Wide1.0
RUSH FiberSource 11.1
RUSH MH 1 Profile Plus1.1
RUSH MH 1 Profile1.3
RUSH MH 10 Beam FX1.1.0
RUSH MH 11 Beam1.4.0
RUSH MH 2 Wash2.5
RUSH MH 3 Beam2.5
RUSH MH 4 Beam1.3
RUSH MH 5 Profile1.1
RUSH MH 6 Wash CT1.1
RUSH MH 6 Wash1.3
RUSH MH 7 Hybrid1.4
RUSH MH 8 Mini Profile1.1
RUSH Multibeam 21.0
RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom1.6
RUSH PAR 4 UV1.3.0
RUSH Scanner 1 LED1.3
RUSH Strobe 1 5x51.1
RUSH Strobe CWL1.1
RUSH Wizard1.1

VDO Range

ProductLatest Version
VDO Atomic Dot CLD1.2.0
VDO Atomic Dot WRM1.2.0
VDO Sceptron Family2.4.1