HARMAN Professional Introduces Martin VDO Atomic Dot Fixtures Offering Lighting Designers Boundless Creative LED Potential

HARMAN Professional Introduces Martin VDO Atomic Dot Fixtures Offering Lighting Designers Boundless Creative LED Potential

April 02, 2019

PROLIGHT +SOUND (Hall 12.0, Stand C58, C61 – Lightpower) – HARMAN Professional Solutions announced the launch of its Martin VDO Atomic Dot fixtures, the newest additions to the Martin Creative LED VDO product line. These new hybrid lighting and video fixtures feature control via P3, DMX, Art-Net or sACN and are designed to produce punchy white light in two dedicated color temperature variants – CLD and WRM - to support a wide variety of applications. They are ideal for rental customers and lighting designers working in concert/touring and TV show sets as well as supporting corporate and nightclub clients.

By combining a video-controlled Aura backlight and a bright strobe/blinder dot in one fixture, lighting designers are empowered with greater creative potential to make a bigger impact with audiences than ever before. The fixture’s compact design also gives designers the ability to place VDO Atomic Dots just about anywhere and deploy them in larger quantities. Integrated support for P3, DMX, Art-Net and sACN eliminates the need for additional interface boxes and onboard P3 eases pixel mapping and using the product as a video controlled strobe.

VDO Atomic Dots also feature an integrated power supply, which increases the ability to daisy-chain several fixtures together for more creative design options. The smart, interlocking mechanics allow multiple fixtures to be locked together into battens, arrays and creative shapes. A narrow beam is also included, which creates a powerful mid-air effect that can also be turned into a wider beam/blind by adding a diffuser/lens. Rounding out the VDO Atomic Dot’s ease of use potential, an integrated front accessory holder allows users to easily change beam angle or add barndoors as needed.

“As lighting and video applications continue to merge, the opportunity to develop a dual-purpose, pixelated product that is really easy to control in real world environments became our goal,” said Wouter Verlinden, HARMAN Professional Solutions Creative LED Product Manager. “This new VDO Atomic Dot checks off so many boxes for LDs looking for a super compact, yet hugely versatile “lego brick” when building out those really unique show designs.”

“Products like the VDO Atomic Dot are rarely considered truly impactful when thought of as a standalone small LED PAR and we get that,” said Peter Skytte, HARMAN Professional Lighting Solutions Manager. “But when several of these are integrated into a design. Very quickly, designers see what kind of potential a product like this offers them to think bigger, more elaborate and more outside the box.”

Additional Details
We invite you to learn more about the new Martin VDO Atomic Dot fixtures, including the VDO Atomic Dot WRM and the VDO Atomic Dot CLD, as well as the full line of Martin professional lighting solutions at martin.com. We also invite you to explore what’s possible from HARMAN Professional in all 26 solutions we support.

Visit Lightpower at Prolight + Sound in Hall 12.0, Stand C58, C61 for more Martin information.