World-Class Lighting Solutions from Martin Professional Transform ABA Bank, Illuminating the Skyline of Phnom Penh

World-Class Lighting Solutions from Martin Professional Transform ABA Bank, Illuminating the Skyline of Phnom Penh

November 26, 2019

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - ABA Bank Head Office recently acquired state-of-the-art Martin lighting equipment from HARMAN Professional Solutions, in collaboration with Bright & Eternity Co., Ltd., to skillfully achieve maximum visibility and enhance the architectural features of the building.

Located in the center of the capital city, Phnom Penh, along one of the busiest roads – Preah Sihanouk Boulevard, ABA Bank’s head office witnesses thousands of people pass through every day. The bank and the head office building has overseen a major phase of growth and development, comprising of several rented buildings, a mix of back and front-line offices, and exclusive executive spaces for the top-management. Also, contributing to the landscape of the city is the bank’s contemporary façade made of a mixture of vertical louvers and corrugated box panels.

“The challenge at the ABA Bank’s head office was to highlight and maintain the visibility associated with the main facade, which was perfectly visible during the daytime but was less visible at night. To understand the requirements, we conducted a site walkthrough together with Martin’s team to determine any possible cable route, access, controller and installation points. One of the concerns that we faced was to minimize disturbance to their day-to-day operations and complete the installation within a given timeframe. After due consideration of the requirements, we decided that the Martin Linear Quad Graze series would be the perfect solution,” said from Mr. Kep Kem (Director) for Bright & Eternity Co., Ltd.

Both Martin Exterior Linear Quad Graze 310 & 1210 RGBW Series and Martin RDM 5.5 Splitter were chosen for this integration.

The Martin Exterior Linear Quad Graze series LED outdoor fixtures were selected for their high output, robust outdoor performances and the ability to illuminate the corrugated box panels effectively.

“After the installation of the façade, we realized that it looked prominent during the daytime but was less visible at night. We wanted to bring more attention to it and make it a distinguishable part of the landscape after sunset. To find a suitable lighting solution that could do just that, we had to look outside the country, as the market of lighting solutions in Cambodia is at its infant stage. Keeping in mind the professionalism of Alvin from Martin Professional (Singapore) who had approached us several years ago, we decided to follow up on the case. Alvin and his team know their product range well and could advise on the type and amount of fixtures we needed for our project. We felt confident with their proposal and chose to go ahead with Martin. We would also like to mention that we’re extremely satisfied with the high-quality skills and execution that Bright and Eternity Co., Ltd., displayed to complete the project,” said by Mr. Igor Zimarev, Head of Marketing at ABA Bank.

"The project at ABA Bank called for lighting solutions that were executed with a high level of expertise and dexterity at the same time," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We'd like to thank our partner Bright and Eternity Co., Ltd. for delivering and designing an expertly executed solution, one that will certainly make the ABA Bank’s head office a dazzling fixture of Phnom Penh’s skyline.”

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