Martin ELP is a bold family of ellipsoidal LED fixtures that deliver the luminance, brightness and vivid color rendering that has been synonymous with the Martin name for more than 30 years—but we didn’t stop at optics: ELP also offers innovative, industry-first features for precise, nuanced control and ease-of-use.

ELP fixtures are available in two color temperature versions - ELP WW (Warm White) that offers industry-leading color rendering and brightness and ELP CL (Color) that delivers rich, saturated colors and class-leading output. Each of the color temperature versions is also available with or without IP65-rated support. ELP WW IP and ELP CL IP expand fixture versatility for temporary outdoor applications by adding moisture resistance, complete dust protection and C3 corrosion resistance.

To ensure the right focal length for any application, both versions can be configured with your choice of Martin Zoom or Static lenses. Zoom lenses are available in 15-30 degree and 25-50 degree beam ranges and Static lenses are available in 19, 26, 36 and 50-degree beam angles and all lenses are available in black and white housing color variants. Additionally, ELP fixtures can seamlessly integrate into your existing inventory via convenient third-party compatibility with industry standard lens tubes and accessories.




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    Full Color LED Ellipsoidal IP65 Rated


    Warm White LED Ellipsoidal IP65 Rated
  • ELP CL

    ELP CL

    Full color LED ellipsoidal profile
  • ELP WW

    ELP WW

    Warm white LED ellipsoidal profile
  • ELP Zoom Lenses

    ELP Zoom Lenses

    Zoom Lens Accessories for Martin ELP LED Ellipsoidal Lights
  • ELP Static Lenses

    ELP Static Lenses

    Static Lens Accessories for Martin ELP LED Ellipsoidal profiles