Color LED Ellipsoidal Fixture

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Martin ELP CL (Color) LED ellipsoid fixtures deliver the class-leading luminance, output and vivid color rendering that you’ve come to expect from Martin. Ergonomic Danish engineering offers advances in lighting functionality that include the highly efficient gear-based Fine Focus—an industry first; and Fast Focus which allows focusing of the fixture without data flowing to it. ELP also offers 16-bit dimming with 4 selectable curves and 26 color presets that match industry-standard color filters. ELP fixtures can be configured with one of four Martin lens tubes in 19, 26, 36 and 50-degree beam angles and are compatible with third-party lens tubes along with a wide range of accessories including gel frames and gobos for flexibility in lighting design and inventory management.

Superior output, optics and color rendering, combined with unparalleled ease-of-use and convenience, make Martin ELP CL the leading Color LED ellipsoidal fixture in its class.

  • Advanced Martin Optics

    Martin ELP Ellipsoids feature optic assemblies designed in Denmark by the technology innovators behind MAC Encore, the leading LED moving light. The ELP is designed to maximize efficiency and deliver a flat field of illumination for smoother blending and mixing between fixtures.

  • Meet Cutting-Edge LED Technology

    ELP WW delivers 7,000 lumens of output and an industry-leading 97 CRI at 3000K color temperature, for the truest color representation on any surface. ELP CL offers an impressive 6,900 lumens and 85 CRI in High Output mode, and 5,900 lumens and 90 CRI in High Quality mode, with a color temperature of 6,000K (open white). Both models offer flicker-free operation for consistent light output, on and off camera and 16-bit dimming with 4 selectable curves.

  • Focus on Functionality

    ELP takes a classic light fixture to new performance levels with a suite of innovative features. Our gear-based Fine Focus adjustment—an industry first—lets you lock focus exactly where you want it, instantly. There’s no refocusing, no drifting and no slipping. Our innovative Fast Focus feature brings the fixture to full output for 60 seconds without data running to the fixture. Halation Color correction removes atypical blue and brown halos when using Martin lens tubes.

  • And Ergonomics Too

    Danish engineering is all about efficiency and ergonomics, and the subtle details of ELP are no exception: We’ve placed the center of gravity as close to the yoke as possible, for more comfortable operation. And, we’ve placed tilt knobs out of the way of framing shutters, to allow quick, easy position adjustments.

  • Invest in the Future, with a Minimal Financial Investment

    It has never been easier to transition your inventory to LED ellipsoidals. In addition to the four lens tube configurations available through Martin, the ELP line fits common 3rd party lens tubes and accessories—which which means you can save money by using your existing gel frames, gobo holders and rotators and lens tubes.


  • Impressive light output rating of 6,900 lumens (in High Output mode).
  • Superior CRI rating of 90 (in High Quality mode).
  • Revolutionary focus and functionality—industry’s first gear-driven Fine Focus, Fast Focus for data-free focusing, and more.
  • Compatible with universal accessories—use existing lens tubes, gel frames, gobo holders and rotators

Tech Specs

Gobo size: A size: 100 mm OD, 75 mm image B size: 86 mm OD, 64.5 mm image 
CRI: High Quality mode: CRI 90, 6000K @ 5600 lumens High Output mode: CRI 85, 5500K @ 6900 lumens
Connections: AC power in/thru: Neutrik True1 PowerCon DMX & RDM data in/thru: 5-pin XLR
Color Mixing: RGBAL, 26 color presets
Strobe & pulse effects: Variable speed and action, random strobe
Electronic shutter effect: Instant open and blackout
Electronic dimming: Four dimming curve options 0 - 100%
Fast Focus: Instantly brings the fixture to full output for 60 seconds by holding the MENU button for 5 seconds
In the box: ELP CL Color LED Ellipsoidal Light Fixture Body. 6.25” Gel Frame Power Cable 1.5 m Mounting Bracket

Ordering Information

Martin ELP CL (body only)
P/N: 9045107780
EAN: 5706681005178
Unit dimensions (L x W x H): 638 x 259 x 254 mm (25.1 x 10.1 x 10.0 in.)
Packaged dimensions (L x W x H): 630 x 330 x 290 mm (24.8 x 13.0 x 11.4 in.)
Weight, boxed/unboxed: 10/7.7 kg (22/16.9 lb.)

ELP 19° Lens Tube
P/N: 9045107782
Packaged dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 220 x 220 mm (11.8 x 8.6 x 8.6 in.)
Weight, boxed/unboxed: 3/2.5 kg (6.6/5.5 lb.)

ELP 26° Lens Tube
P/N: 9045107783
Packaged dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 220 x 220 mm (11.8 x 8.6 x 8.6 in.)
Weight, boxed/unboxed: 3/2.5 kg (6.6/5.5 lb.)

ELP 36° Lens Tube
P/N: 9045107784
Packaged dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 220 x 220 mm (11.8 x 8.6 x 8.6 in.)
Weight, boxed/unboxed: 3/2.5 kg (6.6/5.5 lb.)

ELP 50° Lens Tube
P/N: 9045107785
Packaged dimensions (L x W x H): 300 x 220 x 220 mm (11.8 x 8.6 x 8.6 in.)
Weight, boxed/unboxed: 3/2.5 kg (6.6/5.5 lb.)



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Color LED Ellipsoidal Fixture

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