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Effective 14 March, 2018, Elation Professional has acquired the M-Series range of lighting controllers and software from HARMAN Professional and will now be providing sales and product support. View the announcement from Elation Professional.

Martin M-Play uses M-PC as software that will run on a Windows PC and can be downloaded here.

Fully compatible with all M-Series consoles and M-PC software, Martin M-Touch, Martin M-Play is a plug-and-play solution with an innovative control surface like no other lighting console.

Featuring a truly innovative control surface with 12 touch faders that let you control playbacks, while 48 velocity-controlled pads let you access playbacks and any function key. Martin M-Play comes with one DMX 512 universe for direct control of any compatible DMX device.

  • 48 pads and 12 faders with direct access to playbacks 
  • Rugged aluminum design for durability
  • DMX port expandable to 65,000 channels



  • 12 Force Fade for playback control with LED visual feedback
  • 24 Playback Force Touch velocity pad
  • 24 Playback Force Touch velocity pad, function keys or numerical keypad emulation
  • Dual bank system (2 X 24) with 2 selectors and 3 digits bank indicator
  • Dedicated Beat trigger button
  • Select, Snap, Release, Pause and Main Go touch buttons.
  • Use as extra playback wing on any M-Series console

Tech Specs

PhysicalLength: 394 mm (15.5 in.)Width: 219 mm (8.6 in.)Height: 47 mm (1.9 in.)Weight: 1.8 kg (4.0 lbs.)
Control/User InterfaceBank navigation: Up/Down with numerical display (Section 1)Bank navigation: Up/Down with numerical display (Section 2)Main Go section: Snap, Release, Pause and Go buttonsBeat and Select button
Playback12 Playback Touch faders with 1 button (Velocity Pad), Playback section 112 Playback buttons (Velocity Pad), Playback section 124 Playback buttons (Velocity Pad), Playback section 2
ConstructionIP Rating: IP20
Connections1 x DMX universe output: 5-pin locking XLR1 x USB 2.0 input
ElectricalPower: 5 VDC over USBMaximum current: 500 mA
ThermalMaximum ambient temperature (Ta Max.): 40° C (104° F)Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): 0° C (32° F)
Included ItemsUSB cable 1.5 m (4.9 ft.)
AccessoriesMartin™ M-Sync SMPTE USB: P/N 90703020M-PC 2U / M-DMX: P/N 90737070Martin One-Key with M-PC Pro-64 /LJ-4 License: P/N 70758460Rackmount bracket: P/N 91611690
Related ItemsM-Series Submaster Module: P/N 90732170M-Series Playback II Module: P/N 90732190Martin™ M-Touch: P/N 90737040Martin M-PC Pro-64 / LJ-4 Controller kit: P/N 90737060
Ordering InformationMartin™ M-Play: P/N 90737030


Filename Version Language Size Uploaded
Download 17 M-Series Firmware Update Program     369 MB Dec 12, 2017
Download 17 Firmware Update Package en  369 MB Oct 19, 2016
Download 17 M-Series Software 3.70.885    Jun 14, 2018
3D Symbols
Download 17 Vectorworks Symbols 2.5  en  110 MB Mar 27, 2018
Hints And Tips
Download 17 Decimal to ArtNet Universe Conversion Table en  78.5 KB May 29, 2017
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M-Series 06: Cues and cuelists en    Sep 06, 2017
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M-Series 02: Patch en    Sep 06, 2017
M-Series 03: Fixtures and Groups en    Sep 06, 2017
Download 17 M-Play Spec Sheet-English   en  1.47 MB Jul 09, 2018