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Effective 14 March, 2018, Elation Professional has acquired the M-Series range of lighting controllers and software from HARMAN Professional and will now be providing sales and product support. View the announcement from Elation Professional.

M2PC uses M-PC as software that will run on a Windows PC and can be downloaded here.

M2PC is the complementary control surface to Martin’s M-PC controller software. Featuring the same layout and portable size as the M2GO, the M2PC delivers a professional level of features directly from any PC. Following the philosophy and simplicity of our current M-series controller platform, the Martin M2PC is one of the most powerful and affordable PC-based lighting controllers on the market.

  • Powerful PC wing
  • Portable
  • 10 playbacks





  • USB 2.0 Connection to Windows PC
  • 3.5” touchscreen for fast and direct parameter access
  • 4 digital encoders for parameters
  • 8 customizable function keys
  • 4 DMX ports standard
  • Standard license for 64 Universes - up to 128 Universes with optional expansion license pack
  • Controls up to 65536 parameters
  • Customizable Graphical User Interface with context sensitive toolbars and integrated Help menu
  • Powerful effects engine
  • 1000 cuelists with fader control
  • 1000 cuelists with playback control buttons
  • Parallel execution of multiple cuelists
  • Submaster, Inhibitives and Override functionality
  • Parameter and Time-fanning functionality
  • Auto update for presets and cues
  • On-the-fly global timing adjustments
  • M-Series Manager Software for programming and triggering via time and calendar schedules
  • Multiple wing attachment (M-Series Modules, M-Play, M-Touch)


PhysicalLength: 300 mm (11.9 in.)Width: 540 mm (21.3 in.)Height: 99 mm (3.9 in.)Weight: 4.6 kg (10.2 lbs.)
Control and ProgrammingProtocol: DMX512A (RDM), Art-Net2, sACN64 x DMX universes, expandable to 12832768 x channels, expandable to 65536No limit to number of DMX channels per fixtureExtensive fixture library for all known manufacturers2D Plan visualizer for fixture selection65000 x presets for each group of functions (P/T, color, gobo, etc.)Effect generator for automated programming of complex effectsCustomizable highlight and lowlight function to identify individual fixturesRelative or absolute programmingFan function for all channels (including timing parameters)On-the-fly global timing changesVirtual cuelistsMacrosWait, follow and link cuesHTP, LTP, chase, timecode, submaster and inhibitive playback functionalityIndividual parameter timingsIntuitive patch featureFixture type cloningAll channels with 16-bit resolution
Control/User InterfaceMain playback interface: 10 x 60 mm playback faders, each with 4 x function- assignable buttons8 x customizable multi-function keysPlayback Select buttonMaster Go section with Go, Pause, Snap and Release4 x digital rotary encoders with push function and status LED for fixture parameter control3.5” touchscreen for parameter groups, effect parameters, fanning and global timingsGrand master rotary fader and buttonBlind/preview buttonCustomizable highlight/lowlight functionCustomizable parameter defaultsNext/last fixtures/groupsLarge command keys
PlaybackAssign a cue, cuelist or effect to any playback fader500 x playback banks, each containing 10 playbacks100 x pages of 100 x playbacks activated by touchscreen buttonNo limit to cues per cuelistFull 16-bit fading for high-resolution fixturesIndividual fade in/fade out times for all playbacksManual override available at all timesLive 0-1000% override of global cue timingsLive programmer timing (“Sneak”)Cuelists can be executed in tracking or non-tracking mode
Minimum System RequirementsWindows 7, 8.1 or 10Dual-core processor, 2.0 GHz (Intel i5 or better recommended)4 GB RAM2 GB available disk space (SSD recommended)Widescreen monitor, minimum 1280x800 (capacitive touchscreen recommended)USB 2.0 port for Martin One Key™ and Martin USB Duo™ DMX Interface Box10/100 Ethernet port for Art-Net DMX output100/1000 Ethernet port for MAXNET and Remote operationFull administrator rights on PC
Connections4 x DMX universe outputs: 5-pin locking XLRReady to receive internal MIDI module and SMPTE timecode moduleInternal MIDI in/out/thru (MIDI show control, MIDI notes, MIDI timecode): OptionalInternal SMPTE Timecode In/Out: 3-pin XLR (optional)12 VDC power supply input: 4-pin XLRDesk lamp: XLR
ElectricalAC mains power to 12 VDC external PSU (included):100-240 V nominal, 50/60 HzMaximum current: 1.4 A12 VDC output: 5 A, 60 W max.
Included Items1.5 m power cable, EU (Schuko), 3-pin IEC1.5 m power cable, US, 3-pin IECMW 12 VDC 5 A external PSUMartin One-Key™ with Martin ShowDesigner 6 Lite™ one-year license and Martin™ M-PC 64 universes licenseUser documentationConsole lid
AccessoriesMartin M-Sync™ SMPTE USB Interface Box: P/N 90703020Martin™ SMPTE USB Internal Module for M2GO/M2PC:P/N 90703040USB-MIDI Port Internal Module: P/N 91613038Replacement 12 VDC external PSU: P/N 91613100LED Desklamp, Angular XLR, 13”: P/N 91613090Martin™ One-Key with Martin™ M-PC Pro-64 /LightJockey4 License: P/N 70758460Martin™ M2GO/M2PC USB-DMX internal PCB with 2 x DMX ports: P/N 90703030Martin M-DMX Interface Box / Martin M-PC 2U package: P/N 90737070
Related ItemsM-Series Submaster Module: P/N 90732170M-Series Playback II Module: P/N 90732190Martin™ M-Touch: P/N 90737040Martin™ M-Play: P/N 90737030Martin™ M-PC Pro-64 / LJ-4 Controller kit: P/N 90737060
Ordering InformationM2PC™ Console: P/N 90737010


  Version Language Size Uploaded
file type icon M2PC Spec Sheet-English
en updated: Oct 2020
  en  2.16 MB Oct 2020
file type icon Safety and Installation guide
en version A, updated: May 2018
en  1.54 MB May 2018
file type icon ELP PAR - EU Declaration of Conformity
en version A, updated: May 2018
en  38.6 KB May 2018
file type icon Martin M2GO / M2PC firmware for release version
en version 3.70.885, updated: May 2018
3.70.885  en  191 KB May 2018
file type icon Firmware Update Package
en version C, updated: Oct 2020
en  369 MB Oct 2020
file type icon M-Series Software
version 3.70.885, updated: Jun 2018
3.70.885    Jun 2018
Service Notes
file type icon USB DMX configuration on M2GO-M2PC
en version A, updated: May 2018
en  413 KB May 2018
file type icon Martin M2GO / M2PC Firmware Installation Instructions
en version 3.52.718, updated: May 2018
3.52.718  en  1.01 MB May 2018
file type icon MIDI/SMPTE PCB Installation Guide
en version B, updated: May 2018
en  5.52 MB May 2018
Hints And Tips
file type icon Decimal to ArtNet Universe Conversion Table
en version A, updated: Oct 2020
en  78.5 KB Oct 2020
file type icon M-Series 01: The Interface
updated: Dec 2017
    Dec 2017
M-Series 01: The Interface
en version A, updated: Aug 2023
A   en    Aug 2023
M-Series 02: Patch
en version A, updated: Aug 2023
A   en    Aug 2023
M-Series 03: Fixtures and Groups
en version A, updated: Aug 2023
A   en    Aug 2023
M-Series 05: FX
en version A, updated: Aug 2023
A   en    Aug 2023
M-Series 06: Cues and cuelists
en version A, updated: Aug 2023
A   en    Aug 2023
M-Series 07: Network
en version A, updated: Aug 2023
A   en    Aug 2023
file type icon M-Series 02: Patch
updated: Dec 2017
    Dec 2017
file type icon M-Series 03: Fixtures and Groups
updated: Dec 2017
    Dec 2017
file type icon M-Series 05: FX
updated: Dec 2017
    Dec 2017
file type icon M-Series 06: Cues and cuelists
updated: Dec 2017
    Dec 2017
file type icon M-Series 07: Network
updated: Dec 2017
    Dec 2017
platform icon M-Series Firmware Update Program
updated: Jul 2020
    369 MB Jul 2020

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