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The VC-Feeder is a smart, multi-protocol driver box for the VC-Dot series. A compact design and IP65 rating make it perfectly suited for installation close to a string of VC-Dots. The VC-Feeder provides the string with clean, regulated power, even if the power supply is located far away. Compatibility with the P3 System Controller™ (via the P3 PowerPort 1500™) gives it high-quality image processing capabilities with extremely easy setup and configuration.

How processing works for LED video

  • Driver unit for VC-Dot products
  • Compatible with P3 and DMX
  • Easy cabling and configuration


  • High-quality, 16-bit-per-color image processing technology
  • IP65 rated for permanent outdoor or indoor use
  • P3/DMX controllable (automatic protocol detection)
  • Intuitive mapping and addressing via P3 System Controller family
  • Hybrid power + data input (single cable for power and data input)
  • Hybrid power + data thru (to daisy-chain multiple VC-Feeders)
  • Hybrid power + data output (to a string of VC-Dots)
  • Surface- and truss-mountable

Tech Specs

PhysicalLength: 164 mm (6.5 in.) including mounting earsWidth: 68 mm (2.7 in.)Height: 36 mm (1.5 in.)Weight: 590 g (1.3 lbs.)
Control and ProgrammingControl options: Martin P3 System Controller™ via Martin P3 PowerPort 1500™ and/or DMXProtocol detection: AutomaticProduct detection: AutomaticControl modes: Adapts to detected productDMX channels: Adapts to detected productSetting and addressing: P3 System Controller or RDM-compliant controllerDMX compliance: USITT DMX512-ARDM compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20Firmware update: Via P3 System Controller
Control/User InterfaceDevice status: Multicolor status LEDDevice test and reset: Pushbutton to call up local test patterns and reset device
Video ProcessingBrightness controlGamma correction and controlColor temperature controlCalibration processingSynchronization
ConstructionHousing: Extruded aluminumProtection rating: IP65RoHS compliant
InstallationOrientation: AnySurface mounting: Two M6 mounting slotsTruss mounting: M12 mounting hole for standard rigging clamp
ConnectionsPower & data input: 6-pin custom IP65-ratedPower & data thru: 6-pin custom IP65-ratedPower & data output: 8-pin custom IP65-rated
ElectricalNominal input voltage: 48 VDC from Martin P3 PowerPort 1500™ or external PSUOutput voltage: 15 VDCMaximum total power consumption: 135 W
ThermalCooling: ConvectionMaximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 55° CMinimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -20° CTotal heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 46 BTU/hr. (not including display devices but with system at full load)Thermal monitoring: Integrated temperature sensor allowing thermal protection shutdown
ApprovalsEU safety: EN 60950EU EMC: EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3US safety: ANSI/UL 60950-1Canadian safety: CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
AccessoriesInput cablesHybrid Input Adapter Cable, 4-pin male XLR to 6-pin female IP65, 0.25 m (0.9 ft.): P/N 11840165Hybrid Lead-In Adapter cable, 5-pin m. XLR + power (two wire tails) to 6-pin fem. IP65, 0.25 m (0.9 ft.): P/N 11840174Hybrid Input Adapter Cable, 5-pin male XLR + Tripix Power IP66 to 6-pin female IP65, 0.25 m (0.9 ft.): P/N 11840195Extension cablesHybrid Extension Cable, IP65 to IP65, 1 m (3.3 ft.): P/N 11840167Hybrid Extension Cable IP65 to IP65, 2.5 m (8.2 ft.): P/N 11840168Hybrid Extension Cable, IP65 to IP65, 5 m (16.4 ft.): P/N 11840169Hybrid Extension Cable, IP65 to IP65, 10 m (32.8 ft.): P/N 11840170Hybrid Extension Cable, IP65 to IP65, 25 m (82.1 ft.): P/N 11840164Output/throughput cablesHybrid Output Adapter Cable, 6-pin male IP65 to 4-pin female XLR, 0.25 m (0.9 ft.): P/N 11840166Data Out/Thru Adapter Cable, 6-pin m. IP65 to 5-pin fem. XLR, 0.25 m (0.9 ft.): P/N 11840202Loose Hybrid Cable and ConnectorsHybrid Cable Without Connectors, 100 m (328.1 ft.): P/N 11840204Hybrid Cable Connector, IP65, user-installable, male: P/N 05343522Hybrid Cable Connector, IP65, user-installable, female: P/N 05323538Rigging hardwareG-clamp: P/N 91602003Half-coupler clamp: P/N 91602005Quick trigger clamp: P/N 91602007Hybrid cables carry power and data over separate conductorsIP65 connectors are custom items
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Ordering InformationVC-Feeder™: P/N 90357040


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3D Symbols
Download 17 VC-Feeder Simple 3D (DWG) en  33.8 KB Jan 17, 2013
Download 17 VC-Feeder 3D (DWG) en  615 KB Jan 17, 2013
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Cad Drawings
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Tech Notes
Pdf 17 Tech Note - VC-Feeder   en  173 KB Sep 14, 2018
Service Procedures
Download 17 Martin LED Video Fixtures Reset en  274 KB Apr 14, 2015
Download 17 EU Declaration of Conformity en  32.2 KB Jan 23, 2013
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