MAC 2000 Performance Main CPU v1.4

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 2000 Performance Main CPU v2.2. ×

Last Updated: May 19

Version 1.4, 2002-05-31

  • Implements support for remote setting via MP-2
  • Modifies fan speed regulation due to improvements in effects section air flow
  • Allows override of dLOF and dRES off settings with cyan, magenta and yellow channels to 255.
  • Stores dimmer curve personality (diCU) with the custom configurations (CUS1, CUS2, CUS3), and resets it when reloading factory defaults (FACT).
  • Properly displays the current diCU setting
  • Improves the algorithm for iris compensation during framing rotation
  • Disables the MAN menu during reset
  • Disables gobo shake in the test sequence
  • Fixes bug that closed shutter when selecting MAN / IRIS / P IN
  • Adds framing blades in/out utility to UTIL / AdJ / HEAD / FROT menu.

Note: Version 1.4 SHALL be installed in fixtures with the cooling upgrade. This update is compatible with fixtures before S/N 4239590001 without the cooling upgrade; however, fan speed regulation will be ineffective and the fans will run at or near full speed.

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