MAC 2000 Performance Main CPU v2.2

Last Updated: May 19

Version 2.2, 2005-08-24

Changes since version 2.1

  • CMYC tracking implemented (gives smoother movement of CMYC flags).
  • DMX address now limited to 482 (16 bit mode) or 485 (8 bit mode).
  • Zoom movement improved (zoom now moves at small DMX values).
  • Door switch and thermal sensor now checked before automatic lamp re-strike (reduces possibility of unnecessary lamp error messages)
  • Light sensor function monitoring implemented. Light sensor errors reported as L1ER.
  • Control panel shortcut for DMX address setting corrected.
  • Improved, smoother zoom/focus anti-collision.
  • Problem resetting when in CMYb mode eliminated.
  • Delays when changing strobe mode reduced.
  • Dimmer calibration now takes DMX value sent to dimmer as reference point (allows dimmer calibration with dimmer slightly open to compensate for ambient light).
  • Reduced power pan/tilt mode added. Full details in revised user manual available end August 2005.

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