MAC 2000 Performance Main CPU v2.1

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 2000 Performance Main CPU v2.2. ×

Last Updated: May 19

Version 2.1, 2003-07-08

Changes since version 1.5

  • Added CMY blackout personality setting (PERS>CMYb). When ON, color flags close 3 seconds after the dimmer to eliminate light spill.
  • Pan/tilt movement stops and lamp relay opens if lamp circuit failure (such as explosion or open thermal-switch) is detected.
  • Added variable fan speed regulation option (UTIL>FANS>VREG) that controls all fans. NOTE: USE ONLY WITH 200 - 260 V MAIN SUPPLIES.
  • Added framing rotation (FROT) control to MAN menu.
  • Added reset-switch activation position (ON S) to C,M,Y,C adjustment menus. When selected, color flag should activate reset switch to verify adjustment.
  • Added zoom, focus, effect (frost) and iris speed control.
  • Lamp power reduced to 700W when dimmer is closed.
  • Optimized base fan voltage for quieter operation. Ramp added to fan speed regulation for better fan life.
  • Head fans slow down when lamp power is reduced to 700W and dimmer is closed. Head fans switch off and base fans slow down 1 min after lamp OFF.
  • Increased fan speed regulation threshold 10° C.
  • Critical error in DMX receive circuit corrected.
  • Corrected various bugs that prevented reduced lamp power if ALON was set to DMX, with the DMX reset disable setting, and that caused slow response to light sensor.

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