P3 Fixture Adjuster One-Key Conversion v2016-05-30

Last Updated: May 18

After installation of a P3 Fixture Adjuster license onto a Martin One-Key, it can be used to unlock the Fixture Adjuster functionality in the P3 System Controller software. This allows Martin LED Video fixtures with aged LEDs (after years of intensive use) to be brought up to full spec again, and match brand new fixtures in terms of color and brightness. Martin One-Keys always work with P3-PC, no matter if they are in Mass Storage Device (MSD) or Human Interface Device (HID) mode. But, to use a Martin One-Key on a P3-050/100/150/200/300 System Controller, the device needs to be put into Mass Storage Device (MSD) mode. This document explains how to convert a Martin One-Key from Human Interface Device (HID) mode into Mass Storage Device (MSD) mode. 

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