MPBB1 Uploader (discontinued)

The MPBB1 is a "multi-purpose black box" that works together with the Martin Software Up loader program to allow you to update software and adjust settings on selected Martin fixtures remotely via the serial link.


  • Remotely (1) update software
  • Remotely (2) change fixture address and select personality settings
  • Remotely (3) calibrate effects on selected Martin fixtures via the serial link


Filename Version Language Size Uploaded
Manuale d'uso it  1.01 MB Oct 26, 1997
User manual en  287 KB Sep 28, 2000
Bedienungsanleitung de  67.1 KB Apr 10, 2001
Hints And Tips
Serial Upload Compatibility Issues en    May 27, 2001
Bypass Intermediate System When Uploading Software en    May 06, 2001
New Serial Cable en    Jul 31, 1999
Available Martins
MP-2 Uploader en    Sep 03, 2000


MPBB1 Uploader (discontinued)