MAC 2000 Wash Main CPU v1.5

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 2000 Wash Main CPU v1.8. ×

Last Updated: May 19

  • Added CMY blackout personality setting (PERS>CMYb). When ON, color flags close 3 seconds after the dimmer to eliminate light spill.
  • Pan/tilt movement stops and lamp relay opens if lamp circuit failure (such as explosion or open thermal-switch) is detected.
  • Optimized base fan voltage for quieter operation.
  • Added variable fan speed regulation option (UTIL>FANS>VREG) that controls all fans. NOTE: USE ONLY WITH 200 - 260 V MAIN SUPPLIES.
  • Fan regulation (UTIL>FANS) default changed to FULL.
  • Reduced lamp power to 700W during reset.
  • Reduced maximum speed of color wheels slightly and improved feedback loop.
  • Corrected bugs that (1) prevented reduced lamp power if ALON was set to DMX, (2) with DMX reset function, (3) that caused slow response to light sensor, and (4) with adjustment of barndoors blade 1.

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