MAC 2000 Wash Main CPU v1.7

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: MAC 2000 Wash Main CPU v1.8. ×

Last Updated: May 19

  • Implements support for an optional dimmer wheel in place of color wheel 2. For details about the dimmer wheel option, please refer to revision G of the MAC 2000 Wash User Manual.
  • Modifies vector speed control of zoom to work over entire range, including move to "hyper" mode.
  • Extends range of vector speed control of dimmer to allow slower fades.
  • Closes shutter 10 sec after a small barndoor blade has been closed 100% (DMX: 255).
  • Reduces LERR (Lamp error) detection delay from 10 min to 1 min.
  • Adds barndoor mode tilt limits to 8-bit protocol. (Existed previously only in 16-bit mode) 
  • Removes "blackout while moving" option from P/T and effect speed channels.
  • Removes barn door lens (bd L) personality setting.
  • DFSE now resets the FEBA option.
  • Corrects tilt control error that occurred with P/T swapped.
  • Corrects color wheel 2 "scroll" error at DMX 1-5.
  • Increases sensing range for dimmer wheel / color b on the fly feedback.
  • Re-enables barndoor feedback after reset. 
  • Corrects error that prevented reset when CMY blackout was enabled.
  • Fixes bug with random color at slow and medium speeds.
  • Implements LTER message, (Lamp Temperature Error)
  • Corrects color wheel 2 step loss when going from cont. rot. to fixed pos.
  • Corrects feedback errors that occured with extreme calibration values
  • Corrects error that prevented reduced lamp power if dim2 personality setting was selected.
  • Adds command to move flags to activate reset switch: UTIL->Adj->HEAd->CYAN/ MAG/ YEL/ CTC/ ON S
  • Adds menu for factory testing purposes: UTIL->AdJ->HEAD->AdJM

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