MAC 2000 Wash Barndoors (discontinued)

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Designed especially for use in theatrical environments or situations where greater control of the beam of an automated wash light is required, Martin has developed a fully motorized and fully closing set of barndoors for the MAC 2000 Wash.


Tech Specs


  Version Language Size Uploaded
Flügeltore Bedienungsanleitung de  1.12 MB May 10, 2004
Barndoors manuale d´uso it  1.4 MB Oct 17, 2004
Barndoors user manual en  1.84 MB Mar 28, 2004
MAC 2000 Wash Barndoors Main CPU 1.1.0    14.4 KB May 19, 2018
Service Notes
Barndoors Adjustment en    May 27, 2003
Barn Door Socket Reversed en    Mar 23, 2003
Hints And Tips
Barndoors Installation Tip en    Jul 11, 2004
Barndoors Compatibility en    Feb 16, 2003

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